ccording to Myth, the b0NEZ of Ynit were scattered when he was crushed by a large stone which decided to stop floating above him. These bonez, it is said, were spread to the eight corners of the world as it spun lazily through the heavens...its landmasses creeping apart in the puzzling manner that landmasses are want to do over time. The Myth goes on to say alot of other strange things, including a prophecy that one day, in some unforetold way, the eight b0NEZ will be reunited, and the spirit of Ynit will return to tidy up the place (namely, pull the world back together again and complete a cosmic cycle the likes of which mere mortals like you and i could never get the jist of).

If you haven't figured it out yet, the mythic b0NEZ are hidden throughout the Underbones site...some are easy to find, others are sneakily concealed... and some, well, some are guarded viscously by beings decidely bizarre. You must explore with a passion to seek out the b0NEZ, but if you are faithful in your quest, and your mind is ready to accept the challenges at hand, you will be rewarded: if the warm, fuzzy feeling in your soul isn't enough, maybe a coupon for a free appetizer will do the trick! Yummy...

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how do i play??

While wandering through the maze-like niches and puzzles of the Underbones realm, keep an eye out for funky red bones. If you click on such a bone, and it happens to be one of the 8 mythic b0NEZ, the
game console (above) will appear. Everyone starts with bone 0 - the skull. By clicking the next and previous bone buttons, the console will display which b0NEZ you currently hold in your inventory. If no picture of a bone appears on the green grid for a certain bone number, you can rest assured that you haven't found that bone yet... When you hold all eight b0NEZ in yer inventory (9 including the skull), click the "assemble" button to finish the game. Good luck and happy hunting!


Due to certain technical aspects of bONEZ, you must use a relatively recent version of
Netscape or Internet Explorer to play the game (both of these browsers can be downloaded for free). Other browsers don't seem to handle the game's code adequately. If you know of an exception to this, please let us know... The game (and for that matter, the Underbones site itself) is optimized for a screen resolution of at least 800x600, with thousands or millions of colors. Those display specs aren't required by any means, but they add significantly to the aesthetic of the experience. Also, it is very important that your browser is set to accept cookies (this is the default setting, so if you haven't messed with it, don't worry about it, and if you have, then hopefully you know how to switch it back).

what is a cookie?? (from the Unoffical Cookie FAQ)

A cookie is simply an HTTP header that consists of a text-only string that gets entered into the memory of your browser. This string contains the domain, path, lifetime, and value of a variable that you set. If the lifetime of this variable is longer than the time the user spends at your site, then this string is saved to file for future reference.

Cookies are a very useful tool in maintaining state variables on the Web. Since HTTP is a "stateless" (non-persistent) protocol, it is impossible to differentiate between visits to a web site, unless the server can somehow "mark" a visitor. This is done by storing a piece of information in the visitor's browser.

This is accomplished with cookies. Cookies can store database information, custom page settings, or just about anything that would make a site individual and customizable. An analogy I like to use is that cookies are very much like a "rain-check" of sorts. When you return, you pick up where you left off.

why does the bONEZ game use cookies??

bONEZ uses cookies in order to keep track of the b0NEZ you have found while wandering through the Underbones site. It is a way to maintain your inventory of b0NEZ, even if you turn off your computer, then log on two weeks later, and continue looking for them; cookies will allow the browser to "remember" which bonez you had found two weeks previously...


bONEZ (as well as the Underbones site itself) was designed and created by
Matt Sutcliffe and Bob Giese. Quanya also contributed mightily to the project with it's unique style of art, creative collaboration, and inspiration.